Our Mission

Covenant Church desires to be lovers of God, living in His presence, creating an atmosphere of intimacy and love through worship, fellowship and preaching the uncompromising Word, praying for the transformation, restoration and salvation of lives, while equipping and edifying the saints for the ministry and soon return of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Our Vision

to LIVE in His promises.

to HOPE in the Lord Jesus.

to LOVE the one true God.

Core Values

relentless VISION

selfless SERVICE


unquenchable SPIRIT

devoted PASSION

welcoming FELLOWSHIP

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God loves a cheerful giver.

"to collect a harvest, you

must first sow a seed."

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text GIVE to 304-407-3001

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in person giving:

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offering (during service)

mail in:

(17 Everlasting Drive, Fairmont, WV 26554)

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